BETS can help you develop and learn new IT skills through our short courses designed by highly qualified IT professionals, offered in air-conditioned labs and at flexible timings throughout the week. These courses impart many key concepts and skills making you more productive at home, work & in studies.

Basic Computing

Technological advancement is happening rapidly and individuals are expected to be professional when working with computers and software.

Basic Graphics

This course is designed especially for creative minds who want to develop their skills and portfolio, which will help them to achieve a professional edge.

Web Designing

Web designing includes a large number of skills needed to create and design a visually appealing website. This course is focused on concepts related to visual representation, layout and design of a website.

Advance Graphics

Learn the art of visual representation and communication of ideas. This advanced course imparts many new concepts and helps you achieve a higher level of expertise in the field of visual communication. Learners could work as Web designers, Animators, Graphic artists

Advance Excel

The course is designed to take your excel skills to the next level. This course helps learners use advanced mathematical formulas, create impressive charts
and graphs, automate calculations and manipulate and crunch large amounts.


This course is designed for beginners who want to build strong foundations in the world of programming. Under the guidance of our highly skilled instructor, learners will study all the basic concepts of algorithm designing,


Auto-CAD software is used to create blue prints and drafts of buildings, bridges, circuits or computer chips. It is widely used in construction, engineering, architecture and interior design. You will be able to sketch, draw .

TV Post Production

This course focuses on the technical as well as creative aspects of television production. The rapid advancement in digital technology has evolved the perspective on post-production of television, meaning individuals in this .

Video Editing

This course is designed for those who wants to enhance their video editing skills to another level to start their career as Vloggers, Youtubers, and animators or in post-production.

CAD/CAM for Fashion & Textiles

Modern fashion designers are required to use computer aided designs to create 3D models and prototypes of their clothes and accessories. If you aspire to produce your own line of clothing, then this course is ideal for you

Web Development

This course is ideal for technology enthusiasts who want to develop and run their own website but lack basic skills and expertise. This course will help you create, run and maintain a website and its backend database.